Monday, May 17, 2010

No Questions

Apparently, Susana Martinez refused to take questions at her news conference with Sarah Palin yesterday.  Why would that happen?  What is there to hide?  Would issue oriented questions be asked?(like why you are taking so much money from the oil and gas industry?)  Would she embrace the far right wing rantings of Palin and the Tea Party?  We may never know.  But she can't get away with this for long.

I hope Susana is not really a Tea Party type.  I have called them wackos because they ignore truth.  They think Obama has raised taxes, when in fact they are at the lowest level in decades.  The deficit raised its ugly head after the Clinton Administration had a surplus.  bush started an unnecessary war and lowered taxes instead of paying for the invasion.  At the same time lax regulation caused many of our current financial hardships which caused bush to come to the rescue with government bailouts that were continued by Obama.  Yet the Tea Party blames Obama who has been in office for 15 months.  They just don't deal with reality and they look just plain silly to many thinking people.

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