Monday, May 09, 2011


I love traveling but I marvel at the process.  Airport security at ABQ was tough again...the dreaded full body scan for everyone.  I felt like screaming, "but we got bin Laden!"  If I  had I would be put on the no fly list.  Which sounds like a good idea sometimes.  That way I wont get sick from the guy who sneezes into the aisle.  However Bobbi and I are now carrying anti viral inhalers, sterile wipes, and some other spray that kills bacteria.

Then there is the guy who tries to stuff a bag the size of a zebra into the overhead.  What a show!  He got it in but was still working on getting it out when I left trying to suppress a sarcastic remark.  It was hard.  Now, a five hour layover in Atlanta because Delta is flying bigger planes but fewer flights into ABQ.  So you take the one that gets you there.  Delta's my love/hate airline.  Lately, they have been pretty good.

Next stop.....Barcelona.

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