Thursday, May 19, 2011


I got a tour of the guts of the ship on our day at sea.  Twelve of us were given the privilege for a price.  It was fascinating.  I didn't know that all uniforms for the crew are made on board by a team of tailors.  Engine room was loud.  There are six engines driving electric generators.  Bridge was Star Trek.

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Vicki said...

So that's where the Azipod is! I sailed on the Oosterdam on the Mexican Riviera cruise in 2006 and there was an early morning fire in the Azipod chamber first night out of San Diego. Being on a lower deck right above one of the Azipods, we were awoken by a terrible grinding noise about 5 AM. My husband joked about the boat sinking and began singing "There's got to be a morning after...". That was surreal moment when the Captain's voice came over the intercom speaker telling us not to panic but there was a fire and all crew were to get to their fire stations, but don't panic.... Well, we all got up and humg out in the Lido Lounge until the late morning. Although our propulsion system was crippled, the Oosterdam did some trials and decided to proceed with the one working Azipod, although our itinerary was altered and we skipped one port of call and ended our trip one day early. Quite the adventure! I'd not know what the engine room looked like before (of course, no tours were permitted on my cruise).