Tuesday, May 24, 2011


While cruising around Europe and looking sporadically and New Mexico at USA news I came to the conclusion that environmentalism is essentially invisible to politicians, the media, and the public.

I saw that Governor Martinez, during a time of nuclear crisis in Japan, decided the person who enforced safety on the nuclear waste dump near Carlsbad for nineteen years should be transferred to overseeing food safety.  An industry gift from the Governor to the nuclear crowd. Is this good for New Mexicans?  Hardly.  Where is the uproar?

President Obama continues to smooch with the rape and pillage crowd on public land protections.

Environmental groups continue to look inward at their own funding and organizational problems, to the point of nausea.

Industry funded p.r. campaigns have made scientists look like buffoons on climate change.  People fall for it.  Tornado and hurricane outbreaks are being looked at as one time events by a gullible public who will not take the time to use some logic on increased violent storms brought on by a heating climate.

This is all bad stuff.  When we were in Europe all our tour guides lamented the severe drought in Spain, Portugal and France.  None of them made a connection.

There needs to be a full retooling by the enviro community to become relevant again.

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