Saturday, May 07, 2011


Hermes and Ajax one year ago.

Hermes and Ajax today.

One year ago today we trekked over to the West Side animal shelter and picked out two kittens.  They have embedded into the family.  Hermes on the left and Ajax on the right have distinct personalities but they are the best of buddies.  Hermes is more independant but really lets you know when affection is required.  Ajax is a fierce predator who enjoys a lot of lap time.  They are both totally socialized because I handled them a lot over the last year.  They will always greet visitors to our house and they have a good understanding with our Beagle, Athena.  (She is in declining health and lets the cats snuggle.)

One of life's little pleasures.  We will miss them on our cruise but our heavily armed house sitter will protect them.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Enjoy your cruise!

We all envy you, so it's money well spent.

By the way, if you see a body with a beard float past, it could be my housekeeper, who seems to have gone AWOL.

Seriously though...awesome trip.

Don Schiff said...

How right you are! Humans are like that, too.

Rodney said...

"Heavily armed" huh? Dang, so much for sneaking in and running up the pay-per-view tab.