Sunday, May 15, 2011


We sailed into Cadiz, Spain early this  Sunday morning and set directly off for Sevilla.  I am glad we did so. 

What an incredibly beautiful town. 

We managed to sneak into the Cathedral there despite Mass being celebrated.  I think there were more lookers than worshipers in this biggest Gothic church in Europe.  

It is the third biggest in all the world.  Outdone by only  St. Peter’s Bascilica and St. Paul’s.

The visit to the Alcazar was breathtaking. 

It stands  up against anything we saw in Istanbul as far as Moorish architecture and art.  This tribute to the Moors was actually built by a Christian King.  Go figure!

The Plaza de Espana at the sight of the 1929 International Exhibition was massive and beautiful.


Vicki said...

Beautiful. You are so fortunate. One day, I hope to follow your steps and see these great cities and architecture of Spain.

Bubba Muntzer said...

During mass? Blasphemy!

Well, it's been a blasphemy, too. What a pleasure. I could go on all day about all of those. I hope people are appreciating these; I have to comment at least on your command of perspective as a function of design, for example, and your bold framing style, evidenced especially in those interior shots. Most of us don't have the guts for that. We stay back, looking for something in the physical scene to frame it with, not quite able to see what else is there. I mean, who would dare to put a big black pillar right in the middle of a shot? And that light dancing around up in the vaulting. Jesus.

It's as much fun as the subjects themselves, which are spectacular enough - just looking at these and seeing all that's in them. And that one looking down the side of the building, I thought that was a painting at first glance.