Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pearce Math

Last April Congressman Steve Pearce of Hobbs tried to get an earmark of funds for some Texas land developers who were supporters of his.  He failed in that one.  Now he is trying to get assistance for ranchers and farmers due to the drought in New Mexico.  This one is a little more legitimate, but still it is a bail out for a specific group, mostly conservatives, who supported his candidacy.  And he is in favor of keeping oil and gas industry subsidies even while they are seeing record profits.  And don't forget his support of the Republican tax breaks for the rich which have helped put our federal budget in the crapper.

Also, he is a big supporter of slashing medicare programs.  That didn't work so well for that republican House candidate in upstate New York who lost yesterday in a special election in a traditionally conservative district.  He lost because he took the same positions as Pearce takes now.  I certainly don't know if that translates to his congressional district but this should be a wake up call to tamp down the rhetoric.

Pearce will have enough problems with GOP infighting between Lt. Governor John Sanchez and Heather Wilson in their newly joined Senate primary race.  It all started out with a slap in the face to the Lt. Gov by the Governor who said basically that Sanchez needed to take a hike from his assignments in her administration.  She said this was because she didn't want her reform policies to be hindered by his running against her onetime transition chief Heather Wilson.  If the governor wanted reform she would have asked him to resign or take a leave of absence.  Instead she insults  him. Don't you just love it?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's fun to see politicians of both parties abandon one of their own like the repugs are doing to Ryan, and like Denish did Richardson in her run for governor. She described the governor as “very much a boy’s boy, a man’s man,” she [Denish} said she had never been a part of his inner circle.