Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We went to a tapas bar near the waterfront tonight that was recommended by my good friend Luisa Casso, now a big whig at Coca Cola.  The name of the place was  Cal-Rep on Placa de les Olles 8.  We got there about 7:20pm and had to wait for it to open.  When it did there were a legion of folks in line behind us. 

It may be one of the best meals Bobbi and I have ever had.  We had potato omelets, clams in a sauce from Valhalla, Sardines fried in spices (had not had one since my grandfather gave me one in 1954 out of a can.  Hated it and it took 52 years to have another. ) Also, we had calamari, baby squid with chickpeas and steak tartar, which was really good.
The waiter ordered for a really nice lady and us from Sao Paolo, Brazil who quit her job to spend a month in Barcelona.  She is a world traveler and quite impressive.   We had a great time. Her name was Zuliana.  Honestly, the food they brought us is stuff I never would have ordered, but it was really good.  We didn’t finish the sardines though. 

It was one long bar that sat about twenty people.  A rank of of folks was lined up behind us waiting for their turn.  The wait could be long.  It cost about $100 with all the wine you could drink and we drank a lot.

Of course the music hall here is pretty neat.  You don't see structures like this built anymore.

There are two million people in Barcelona and half of them own scooters or motorcycles since there is plenty of free parking for them.

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