Friday, May 06, 2011


We are starting to lay out stuff for packing for the 2 week Sojourn to Spain, Portugal and France.  We have become efficient packers.  We take very few clothes and mix and match them.  A weeks supply of underwear, four pants, five shirts, walking and dress shoes plus sandals.  Dinner Jacket, sweater, rain jacket and tie.....  and a few odds and ends.

We each have one suitcase and one overnighter.  We can move fast.  The only other thing to carry is the camera.  I sometimes wonder when boarding ship.  You see people with two large trunks for a ten day cruise.  Some of that stuff will never be touched.  I think it is used as a security blanket or maybe they are mobile hoarders.

We will blog regularly from the ship on the days adventures.

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Vicki said...

whew...I thought by the title of this post that you were talking about carrying a gun.

I hope you have a nice journey. Be safe and have fun.