Friday, May 13, 2011

The kids in the bus had a great time today.  These tourists buses are the only way to go and not expensive.  You get off at all the must see places and then get back on again.  The buses run by every five minutes.

We zipped by Sagrada Familia, but elected to go back in the evening because of the crowds.

We then went to a Gaudi designed Park that started life as a real estate development. 

It went bust and the city bought it out. 

Things never change, but in this case it really paid off. 
Lots of people there.  Including an amoeba from the planet amebus.

We visited the archeological museum and the great complex including the National Museum.
Then we had a very late lunch on Las Ramblas.  Tonight we will dine late, as most Catalans do, and have Paella.

This is truly an incredible city.  The weather is perfect.  I would not want to be here in summer though.  Tomorrow we board our ship the Eurodam to start ten days of cruising and excursions.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is fun. Barcelona big and small. Those are some interesting photographs, too. I think the motorcycle one is my favorite. The focal points cascading into the distance and the one in the distance right in line with the first ones, the gas cap and the mirror, and yet they form a slight arc, too, echoing the arc of the street, meeting in the distance and meeting the arc of the buildings on the left. The rectangular shapes, such as the window and door openings and the balcony railings and the blocks of color, seem to be marching that way, too. They are staggered yet it all balances out. The red sign is a big part of it, too. Not just in balancing it but notice how there is another, contrasting arc, formed from that white block on the red sign to the pedestrians on the left. You see artists do that kind of thing with a brush stroke or two, they'll add a green frond or a stalk of wheat or something, or like when a graphic artist puts the cross hatch on a letter "A" at an angle or makes it wider at one end, to keep the eye from resting on the point at the top of the A... Yes, that's what you've got there, a letter A, a very stylized letter A. Very visually pleasing.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, you're sitting in a bar in Barcelona eating exotic foods with a good looking babe on either side of you. I'm eating a ham sandwich that was left over from the lunch I took to work. No babes.

Rodney said...

Oh my! Great photos, great descriptions. Please continue sharing your trip with us. Thanks so much.