Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We came into Lisbon about noon today and got a good view of the city.  This is what we see outside our cabin verandah.  We got a good berth for the ship.

Lisbon and Portugal are really hurting financially.  The European community is bailing them out at the price of demanding complete reform , including their healthcare system.

We walked around quite a bit but the museums were closed on Monday.  Tuesday we hired a private guide for the Museum circuit.

We went a a nice Fado bar in the Alfalma section of the city. 

We walked there from the ship.  It is very interesting ‘soul’ music and we drank wine and ate a small dinner there.  Very entertaiing.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. How beautiful.

I notice people are walking around in shirt sleeves and shorts. I'm glad you're having good weather. I'm glad somebody's having good weather. Here, if it hasn't been windy it's been cold. Last night it rained, so now it's cold and wet. I drove through snow last night going over the divide, and it's almost June. This is what climate change means in New Mexico. It's bad, then it changes to worse.