Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Brugge

Ever since I saw that movie "In Brugge" a few years ago I wanted to visit there. 

On Saturday we made our last stop at Brugge ,Belgium.  Famous for chocolate and beer it is also a World Heritage Site. 

It is stunning and fairytale at the same time.It was just a lot of fun to wander around on foot and on canal boats.

 Poor Bobbi wasn’t able to go because she woke up with a migraine, so it was a dark room for her all morning.

This is a picture of our dinner mates in the main dining room every night.  They are Catella and John from New York  City, Margarita and John from Texas, Jim and Mizzi from California, and Bobbi and me.  We all got along well and three of the couples were good lefties.

And finally our good cocktail hour friends Dan and Susan from Tennessee.  We met them in the cab to the hotel in Barcelona and remained good buddies.  He is a good golfer.


Vicki said...

Looks like it was a fabulous cruise and that the company you had for socializing were good, too. That always helps. I have always been lucky on cruises to get mostly interesting companions for dinner. HAL still has the assigned seating and formal dinner hours which I like, perhaps because I have always met pleasant folks. It's a feature I like about leisurely traveling (unlike air travel), the random meeting of new people who I otherwise would never meet, that's why I also love train travel. Have a safe trip home.

Don Schiff said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to eat dinner with John Bolton! talk about spoiling your appetite. I have an old friend from Brugge. he talks about lace and friture (fries), too.