Friday, September 23, 2011


We are in Bakersfield, California awaiting the arrival of our spouses at the airport before moving on to the Vineyard for the weekend.

It is unlikely we will be squashing grapes with our feet this weekend as everything is automated.  That is okay with me.  Remember when Lucy squashed grapes?

I would like to put Congressman Issa in a grape vat head first and leave him there.  He seems to think the US should abandon the solar industry because of the bad solar/renewable loan made to a California firm.  Yesterday we passed by Boron, CA and witnessed the construction of the largest solar generating plant in the world.  Issa is from here and I hope he hears from these folks.  If Issa was not a double standard neo con then he would call for an abandonment of oil production after the Gulf of Mexico debacle lead by BP's blow out. That cost many times what one bad loan cost.

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