Thursday, September 29, 2011


PRC member Jerome Block took the hit for himself and his father Jerome Block Sr. when he copped a plea to numerous charges of embezzlement and violating campaign finance laws.  The Senior Block was in charge of those finances.  It was obvious that the younger Block had some stability problems and he confessed to a drug addiction.  Now he needs to get real help.  It is good he resigned and saved the state a pile of money that would have been spent on impeachment costs.

I am still chagrined that when I vote early in the city elections that I have to watch the city cough up $500K for a 'lost balloonist' memorial.  I have never voted against a city bond issue but I cant say what I might do this time.  I just don't know.  Other than that this whole city election is somewhat of a bore.  The bond issues and candidates show little vision this time around.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I think we need a memorial for the people Albuquerque police have blown away. As it said in The Lobo the other day:

"Albuquerque police officers have gunned down one person a month for 20 months — 14 of those shootings have been fatal."

Today KRQE reports that two grand juries have excused a couple of these killings.

Not withstanding that grand juries are pretty much farces that give prosecutors whatever answer they want, KRQE repeats as fact the police version of both killings, and then adds at the end:

"Both men had extensive criminal histories."

Whatever extensive means. This, even if true, has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the police are guilty of murder, which is why the courts don't allow such claptrap to be heard by a jury, but the police have no such concern for the truth. They are only interested in making the killing somehow seem more justified, and amateur media like KRQE gladly participate in leading public opinion down this path.

Recall that most of these victims turn out not even to be armed. Once they found a butter knife on a guy, another time it was a maintenance man and they found a screwdriver or something that he wore on his belt. And when 20 squad cars show up they can't disarm someone with a knife? They could, but then they couldn't pull out a gun and kill them.

God bless the families of missing balloonists, but God bless the families of the victims of Albuquerque's out of control police department, too.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Bubba! Seems APD is out to change the crime rate at whatever cost.