Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Rodger Beimer and I travelled back from Las Vegas, NV yesterday.  On the way there Sunday after dropping off Bobbi and Connie we decided to stop at Baker, California to take a picture of the world's largest thermometer.  It was erected to show the hottest temperature recorded in the area, which was 135 degrees.  The thermometer doesn't seem to be functioning but lots of people were there taking pictures just like this one.

The device is indicative of my rising temperature over a failed governor and legislature wasting millions on a session to redistrict.  There was never any doubt I guess that the Governor would veto everything and that every legislator would be looking out for number one instead of the state's best interest.

My fever rose over another payoff to a coach who was hired by UNM.  I wonder if we  had a failed Physics professor if we would pay him to leave?  Maybe it is time to fire the Athletic Director too.  Although honestly I guess I could care less about the UNM athletic program in its current form.  It reminds me of the depressing scenes in the now run down casinos we saw in Laughlin, Nevada.  They have all seen better days.

It was great being in wine country and on a road trip with our good friends Rodger and Connie.  Connie got to run her daily five miles up and down rows of maturing wine grapes.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Ha! Thanks for that picture. I haven't been that far in awhile but I stop in Baker every time I go through there and have parked many times right about where you were standing, then walk over to the Mad Greek just to the right of you for my luscious veggie quesadilla with the stupendous vinaigrette sauce dip. They've got Greek dishes too, and baklava, and great breakfasts.

That guy treats truckers better than anyone I know of in the US. Free drink, plus 20 percent off, plus you get your card punched and every 20 meals you get a free meal or a T-shirt or hat or mug. Thanks for that memory.

I think it's worth stopping just for the ambiance. It's like being in the Greek Isles, at a lawn and garden store. And then he's got all those signed pictures of celebrities who've stopped on their way between LA and Las Vegas.