Monday, September 19, 2011

Spinal Growth

I have to say I am happy that President Obama seems to be forming a backbone.  One needs one to stand up.  His tax proposal to enhance revenues from the rich is finally knocking the chip off the GOP's shoulder.  Their crazies are calling it class warfare.  What B.S.  It is just a progressive tax rate.  We used to have those in this country and we can again.  They are fair and help everyone shoulder the load of government finances.

It will be interesting to see how the GOP will handle this little hand grenade.  They can't put it in their back pocket and ignore it.  They have finally been backed into a corner where the general public might finally understand that this is the party of the rich and for the rich.

I know some rich people.  Very rich.  And they are all appalled that they don't pay enough taxes.  They say they can afford it and are willing to pay it.  But the rich folk I know are vastly different than  these other strange people who think that having tens of million tucked away unused is a good thing.  I mean, once you have five homes and several jets, what else do you really need?  Sure, they earned it or inherited their wealth and they are entitled to enjoy it.  But now the President is your share.

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