Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Must Read

I have had more than one person send this to me today, which is my 66th birthday.  One lady said, 'this is why I will vote for Obama again no matter what else happens."  Well, maybe she is right.  This is a long essay but it really puts it all together from a republican who couldn't take the craziness any more.  Please, as my birthday present, read it all.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That guy got a lot of stuff his chest, didn't he?

Fear of Republicans is the only reason I voted for every Democratic presidential nominee since Clinton, I think. And it's the same thing every time. After the election, knowing the Left has nowhere else to go, they take the Left for granted and move toward the Right. Every time. That's how we got here, with Reaganomics as mainstream economic policy, declining living standards, Social Security and Medicare in danger, and right back to the same kind of wealth and income disparities as we had in the 1920s. Fear of Republicans.

Supreme Court is the other fear tactic. Roe v Wade. I'm getting a little tired of the White, Upper Middle Class women's movement's demand that the party support abortion rights at all costs trumping everything else. That's probably the main reason the party has to just write off the entire South in every election. If the women's movement, and the party, were equally as adamant that it's unacceptable that 20 percent of American children live in poverty, I might be swayed by that.

And yet, I'm back in the undecided column.

Ok, then said...

Read it this past weekend. Scary stuff.
Happy b'day anyway!