Thursday, September 15, 2011


It looks like former Governor Bill Richardson has grandly struck out in getting an American imprisoned in Cuba released.  And he got in a spat with the Cuban government too.  This tantrum on both parts is unfortunate.  Richardson has usually been pretty competent at these one man missions to hostile countries but he seems to have lost his stride and diplomacy.

I have been an ex elected official several times in my life.  It is not easy and you will really find out who your true friends are.  At this point I think the Governor is having a difficult time handling his status as another ex politico.  It is pretty much normal for former high visibility pols.  I hope he snaps out of it soon because it could wear him down.  He looked pretty hassled on TV the other night wearing a T-Shirt in Havana's muggy heat.

One thing I also learned in my checkered political career is that you are never really finished in politics until you make the conscious decision to stay out of it.  Richardson could be down but not out on other political opportunities in the future, where ever they may be.  (Probably not in New Mexico as long as the Albuquerque Journal is still using ink by the barrel.)

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Abq Dude said...

Richardson wasn't able to do anything with North Korea either. His approval rating tumbled from a high of 74 to a low of 41 by the time he left office. And with a scandal riddened administration, I'd say his political career is over.