Sunday, September 18, 2011


It would be really interesting to know who funded the documentary that was produced extolling the career of Senator Pete Domenici.  He was a US Senator who never hesitated to help the livestock,  oil, gas, nuclear and coal industries in fighting meaningful environmental safeguards.  Domenici also did some good things regarding public lands  like working to get some wilderness areas created.  But, on balance he was a purely industry guy and put their interests first.

The film did not mention Domenici's role in the horrendous deficit spending of republican Ronald Regan and George Bush #1.  He also was a big supporter of bush #2's unfunded wars coinciding with tax cuts for the rich.  Now he is regretting that I think.

 I find it appalling that Senator Jeff Bingaman was never asked to participate with comments in the production.  One thing I experienced is that Domenici held grudges against people he saw as a threat to his political power.

He will go down as one of the giants in New Mexico history alongside Senators Dennis Chavez and Clinton Anderson.

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