Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The republicans in congress are coming after Obama now on a loan guarantee for a solar company in California that went belly up.  Of course it is the oil and gas funded congressman who are whining, even though the loan was pushed by the bush administration in the first place.  One reason the solar industry is having problems in this country is the unprecedented dumping of solar panels into the world market by China.  They want to be the only ones left standing. Obama needs to have a show down with them.

Dear Mayor Berry,  Will you please get control of the rates that the city franchised Comcast Cable is charging.  A year ago I was paying $95 for internet and phone service.  Today I am paying $108!  Almost a 15% raise!  Why are you allowing this?  Do you think maybe you could get a company like Verizon to come in with their highly advanced fiber optics to the home system?  Make Comcast compete!  Please!

The city council should take note of this too.  Get tough with Comcast.

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