Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On the Road

A good friend and I will take a road trip over the next week and golf our selves all the way to the wine country in Paso Robles, California.

Our lovely wives will join us there via airplane for a weekend at a friends vineyard.  Apparently the grape harvest is three weeks late this year for some reason so we may be able to watch the whole process.  While our well armed housesitters take care of cats we will be sipping our way through the vineyards in the region.  I will post pictures along the way.

I love retirement.


Leslie Wyss said...

Your friends at Halter Ranch await your arrival. We'll have the Rosé chilled!

Vicki said...

(Smile). Retirement is a nice way to spend the rest of one's life.

Rodney said...

At least one NON-retired golfer/wino is quite envious of your journey.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you supposed to bring me and Luke out there with you guys this year? Oh wait, that's right, you're paying for my awesome Wedding. Oh well. Tell Hansjorg to send wine! =)