Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Wash

The term Green Wash refers to the spin that corporations and politicians put on their records that are meant to show they are big supporters of environmental protection when their past actions prove otherwise.  Think of BP saying that they care very much about our oceans cleanliness.  Even while dangerously polluting those oceans.

Currently there is a rather large and embarrassing fight going on over some Washington, DC based environmental leaders endorsing Martin Chavez in his congressional bid.  They did so without ever calling back to New Mexico to see if he deserved these endorsements.  His record as a state legislator and Mayor of Albuquerque would not warrant such endorsements in my opinion.  The much respected group, Conservation Voters New Mexico, agrees and gave their thumbs up to Candidate Eric Griego.  Believe me, they know exactly who deserves such endorsements.

I serve on several Boards of large environmental groups in DC.  Usually they stay out of the politics because of their non profit status with the IRS.  However their employees on their own time, as is their right, do help candidates.  There is nothing wrong with that.  That is why it is so peculiar that the DC crowd has been caught with their pants down on this race.  My feeling is that they are being pressured by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Democratic Party.  They are being made to look foolish.

I will vote for Eric Griego in the primary election.  If he should lose to Martin Chavez then I will vote for our ex mayor in the general election.  I can no longer vote for republicans since there doesn't seem to be any sane ones left that are running for office.

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