Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Catholic Bishops and Penn State

Now the American Catholic Bishops have once again put their diminishing influence into even more jeopardy by starting a fresh assault on gay marriage and abortion.  One Archbishop said, “We see in our culture a drive to neuter religion,”  Maybe they should have neutered some of their priests first. What can they be thinking about?  Is this a way to attract young people?

 I think it is interesting that the Princes of the church have lost their influence and are trying to regain by going against the strong social forces that have surrounded them.  Perhaps the NCAA, as represented by Penn State, might want to take some lessons from the church.  Seriously.  

This college athletic system that we have where winning is the only thing that is important because of the revenues it brings in might be in real trouble.  Look what it caused at Penn State.  Maybe it is time to back off that attitude and make college athletics something more than a profit center for the media and some trickle down for the schools.   I know.....it will never happen.  Here is an alternative.  Put Paterno and the rest of those reprobates into prison.  Make sure that any court awards their victims win are paid off by the Athletic department and not the state risk insurance pools that taxpayers fund.  The athletic departments could float bonds to pay off  the expected massive compensation to the victims and then use annual revenues  to pay off the bonds.  Not one cent should be paid by anyone other than the athletic departments.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

In my mind, the bishops chose a rather odd time to swagger into the fray waving their scepters.