Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Try, Try, Try Again

I changed the format a little bit on my blog.  I was just messing around with it last night as Bobbi and I were watching a first run movie on the Dish Satellite system.  It is the third time I have changed the format and I kind of like this one.  I decided to stop advertising on the blog because those oil and gas guys keep placing their ads into my blog.  The movie was pretty weird.  I was waiting for it to come to the theaters but there it was on satellite and it didn't require $11 for a popcorn and coke.  This movie was called "Melancholia".  It was not a happy movie, but it was good.  Last weekend we saw the latest Almovodar movie, "The Skin I Live In."  So all in all a weird movie week.  But we enjoyed them.

I see the federal prosecutors office is back after former Governor Bill Richardson.  They keep trying.  This is the fourth time they have tried to get some federal indictments from a grand jury.  They are batting zero so far.  Will it ever end?

Off to play golf now.


Abq Dude said...

As much pay-to-play and other shenanigans that went on with Richardson's administration, I would have thought some charges would surface. Perhaps he was just smart enough to stay an arm's length away from breaking the law.

Bubba Muntzer said...

If you can't get a grand jury to indict, that says something. A grand jury is a completely one sided thing. Only the prosecutor is there. There's no cross examining, the defense is not even there. The prosecutor presents his case and that's it. They are known for almost always returning indictments. Many people think they should be done away with because they are abused so much. They are a quick and easy way to ruin someone's reputation.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I did not know there were ads on your blog because I don't see ads.

If anyone is interested, and if you use the Firefox browser, there is an "add-on" (which I guess is the same as an "app") called Ad Block Plus. It just prevents advertisements from being displayed.

Volunteer techies have created many, many add-ons for Firefox. They install with one click and update automatically.

Firefox itself is all volunteer, too. Non commercial, open source. People who like doing that kind of thing developed it and keep it updated. It's the kind of thing people envision who want to keep the internet free and not pay per play.

Ad Block Plus works by knowing which web sites place the ads there. It keeps a big list that is continually updated. I forget that there are ads on the internet, because I don't see them and just don't think about them.

Another add-on I have blocks "super cookies". These are written in the Flash program and when your browser deletes cookies it doesn't delete these. Some will even recreate themselves if you delete them, but the "BetterPrivacy" add-on wipes them out.

If you don't use Firefox, there is supposed to be a way to set your Flash Player preferences to disable the capability to store super cookies on your computer. Or, if you know how to search for a certain file type, the super cookies have an .SOL extension, i.e., they end in .SOL. You can just find where they are stored and delete them.

I assume the add-ons are like the apps for smart phones. I don't have a smart phone. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a dumb phone. A slow phone, maybe. A Cousin Billy phone. A would you mind repeating that please phone. A yes I know exactly what you're talking about phone. A Rick Perry with Herman Cain on speed dial phone.