Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Now that the Albuquerque City Council has banned traffic cameras maybe the local media will start covering some important issues.  Like the lack of jobs legislation on both the city and state levels.  Mayor Berry and Governor Martinez have done little to relieve the economic downturn.  The governor spends more time talking tax decreases than job creation.  When will folks figure it out?

The other big stories the media are covering now are, you guessed it, sex stories.  GOP Presidential hopeful Cain is an apparent serial groper and Penn State Athletics is being accused of covering up a coach's pedophilia. (Quick, call the Archbishop for advice.)  The media will hang on to these stories  until we all die of terminal nausea.  Mark my words.

The Governor appointed a former advisor to Qadaffi's government in Libya to fill the NMPRC vacancy created by the fall of Jerome Block.  This may make him qualified for the rough and tumble politics on that board.

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