Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking a Long Way Ahead

It is just never to early to look ahead to Gubernatorial elections.  As Governor Susannah Martinez's first year inches to a close there is plenty of reason to think she could be vulnerable in a few years.  But I don't see much in the way of anyone wanting to take her on.  A lot can happen between now and then but so far as I can see the Democrats are not thinking strategically on the possibility of getting this Governor out of office.  I have always felt deep down she could be a good Governor, but it seems her strings are totally controlled by the right wing elements of the GOP.  Guys like Pat Rodgers and Mickey Barnett.  Those are pretty heartless people I think when it comes to any sort of notion that some people could use assistance during these tough times.

There is grist for the mill in that campaign against Martinez.  Job creation is certainly one area where she has shown no creative thinking or even sympathy.  She has not convinced me she has put this on her agenda as a priority.  Even if it is hard to do I can not figure out why she isn't putting on a show.   And where are the Democrats response to this disconnected administration?  There should be people at everyone of her public appearances waving signs saying..."Where are the jobs?"

You don't see any prospective candidates out there muttering criticisms of the current administration's failed economic growth efforts.  Are there none?  It wouldn't hurt to become vocal if there are.  Given the governors ratings in the polls it is obvious little work is being done in the Northern part of the state where her non policies are hurting people the most.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on Governor's re-election prospects, but suprised that you as a former Mayor did not start with Mayor Berry and his failed policies. Virtually ever thing you said about the Governor relating to job creation could have been said about Berry, but I understand you think he is an nice guy. Come on Jim, comment on Mayor Berry's performance and his chances for re-election!

Jim Baca said...

I have already commented on Berry's failure some weeks ago.