Monday, November 21, 2011

Deficit Failures

I hope  you read the blog from Saturday about the $10,000,000 in Defense Department funds that were handed over to the Domenici Institute at New Mexico State University.  And then reflect on the abject failure of the deficit super committee in Washington.  That failure was caused by republicans insisting on keeping the tax breaks for the rich from the bush administration in effect.  They seem to be living in another dimension where low taxes for the wealthy solves all woes.

This is all going to end very badly for our nation.  Soon, events will spiral out of control in the streets and pepper spray will be replaced with more lethal controls.


Deirdra Baldwin said...

I've been looking at bookmarking sites and stumbled across your blog. I do some political commentary too, but when I saw your title Only in New Mexico, it reminded me of a short story on one of my sites. The story is called The Meteor, and its truly an only in New Mexico story. I have an article on buying real estate in New Mexico too, with some cautionary info. As for the politics of the pepperspray, that guy has to be clinically anti-social. As my mother used to say, he should have his head examined.

Abq Dude said...

Nothing like rewarding incompetence on Domenici's watch as Senate Budget Committee Chairman during the financial crisis, and now ignoring other priorities for the sake of undeserved legacies.

Ok, then said...

You are absolutely right about the "more lethal controls" -- police have been given military weapons and equipment, and given their casual use of pepper spray, would probably not hesitate to ramp it up, given any excuse, or none. That's what I take away from seeing peaceful protestors treated like enemy combatants.