Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Looking for Turkey

Ajax our predator cat has pretty much chased off all the the pigeons that were hanging around the neighborhood.  His strolls around the perimeter of our roof everyday has been witnessed by the flocks that were starting to roost on a few houses around here.  They took one look at him and split for good last summer.  We are thankful for that.  So are our neighbors.  Now as Thanksgiving approaches maybe he is expecting a Turkey.

Let's see, what can we be thankful for this year.  Here are a few things.

1. Our kids are doing great.  Justin and his wife Karly sent  us video of our grandson Simon taking his first steps just before his first birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Noelle and her fianc√© Lucas are gearing up for their wedding next May and have just bought a home in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It is good they are into snowshoeing.

2. We continued our great travels this year with our Spain, Portugal and France cruise.  We have now booked a river cruise next September between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  It will be different from a large cruise ship and we are looking forward to it.

3.  We are thankful for our continued good health.  With the exception of golf shoulder and golf elbow pain we are holding together pretty good.  Bobbi has a bum knee but will get that fixed up soon.  She still does five Jazzercise classes a week.  I play golf, lift weights, and spend time on the elliptical trainer.  I am still fat.

4.  We are thankful that ever so slightly people might be seeing some good in protecting our planet.  The Obama administration and Congress might not agree through their actions, but the media is starting to pay attention.

5. We are thankful that the 'Occupy' movement has not died a quick death.  Many say it is unfocused and rambling, but really the whole thing is about economic justice.  Next summer will be interesting if this group holds together that long.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Ajax Cometh. Nicely designed. The cat slightly off center but just where it needs to be. He's very stoic when he's posing for a picture.

I appreciate you throwing in a plug for the Occupy movement. For recognizing its significance and potential. I'm glad you have those other things to be thankful for, too.

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