Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Good News

Some days the news is good.  There seems to be an outbreak in some states.  A common sense outbreak.  Ohio voters slapped their governor and legislature and repealed the grossly anti union laws there.  Mississippi voters stuck it to their fundamentalist governor and legislature and voted down the notion that human life begins at conception, which would have made abortion and morning after birth control illegal.  And the SOB racist State Senator Russell Pearce in Arizona was beaten by a moderate republican in a recall election yesterday.  He was the leader of the pogrom on undocumented workers in Arizona.  Makes me think better of Arizona voters.

There wasn't much good news in New Mexico though.  The right wing Martinez administration is trying to kill New Mexico's forward looking climate change legislation.  She is doing this for the oil, gas and coal boys who value profit over breathing.  Secretary of State Duran has pie in her face after finding only two illegal voters out of the 64,000 she claimed. (I guess that is good news depending on how one looks at it.)

Pueblo Bonito at Sunrise August 2007

In a serious vein, the possibility of a 1000 year drought starting in the Southwest is being discussed.  Anyone who has been to Chaco Canyon would see the results of the last such event.  It would be a dislocated civilization.  The last time Bobbi and I were at Chaco we attended a tree ring lecture that visually showed what happened during that epoch.  It was truly amazing to see the history laid out in ancient trees.  It really shows that civilizations are pretty ineffectual when confronted with mother nature.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Where will we go? Where did the Chaco folks go?

I'm thinking about Tunisia, where they practice that cool form of governance I heard about, democracy.

You might like it there, too. Check it out: