Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mysterious Ways

A Penn State coach who is a rock hard Christian led prayers at the beginning of the Penn State Game yesterday.  He said he felt God was in the stadium.  Unfortunate that God wasn't in the Penn State locker room with a little fire and brimstone when required.


Donald F. Schiff said...

That's reprehensible! Penn State is a state university. Leading public prayers is therefore a state endorsement of religion in my view.

Christians believe that God is everywhere, so the statement is also meaningless.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Amen. The more Christian they are the quicker they are to use God to absolve themselves. It's nothing but wallowing in the emotional relief they get from absolving themselves.

The headline on Page D1 of today's Albuquerque Journal reads: Penn State Falls To Nebraska - Post-Paterno Era Begins As Horrific Week Concludes.

Horrific for who? The Journal? Sports fans? Joe Paterno? This Jerry Sandusky guy?

How about the kids? Was this week horrific for them? Are they relieved that it's over, too? How about last week? The week before? How have their lives been since that was done to them?

Bubba Muntzer said...

By the way, the way I read that grand jury report, Paterno did not do what he was supposed to do. He was told, and it continued, up until just recently.

And if anyone is interested, Joe Paterno is a big Republican. He speaks at Republican events. His son ran for congress over there as a Republican. He uses his name and reputation to further the Republican Party.

Which doesn't mean anything, of course. I'm just saying, if anyone is interested. Maybe you had him booked for something. If you want to consider someone else, there are a lot of Republicans who were involved in scandals that were a lot less disgusting than this one who are available right now.

Vicki said...

Your observation is too true. If God is watching over people and has the power to answer prayers, then God would have protected these small boys who may indeed have been praying during their ordeal. Each person must be responsible for their own actions and behavior and understand it's impact on other beings and this earth. This is the only way for me. The ego gets in the way of understanding what is true.

Rodney said...

Well God doncha know WANTS Penn State to continuing raking in $70Million a year from their football program. That's why God himself held the tongue of eye 2 witnesses and everyone else who had full knowledge of the rape of young boys in the football locker room showers. TV money has ruined athletics at every level.