Thursday, November 17, 2011


The fight is on to keep medical marijuana users from owning or carrying guns at the same time that felons are regaining their rights to do so.  The media is running with this story but they are zeroing in only on the ailing pot smokers.   The smokers are automatically outed on their use by having a prescription from a Doctor.  Maybe we could insist that anyone on alcohol, painkillers, anti-depressants, steroids,  and other legal drugs also be treated like this.  Sure, there is a law or two that says it is illegal to use a firearm while under the influence of these drugs, but does it ban ownership or carrying when not under the influence?

The first wake up call for our congressional delegation and city leaders has come as the Office of Inspector General has started looking at cost savings at our National Labs.  Sandia Labs and Los Alamos National Labs rake in the dough here and if spending is cut or consolidations are enacted we will feel the pain in a big way.  This state has a group that exists to protect military installations from cuts.  Maybe we need one to protect the labs and push for new and stronger basic research missions other than nuclear weapons.  Lets see if the Governor can get off her rightwing soap box and start something that will actually help save good paying jobs. Mayor Berry needs to concentrate on this too.  Some leadership is required here.  There is nothing more important to work on right now.

I am off to Salt Lake City for a meeting of the Board of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.  The wacko political leadership in that state keeps us busy.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

The picture is very striking, and beautiful, and also reminds me that one of the things that makes a good photographer is an understanding of how light works, or, you might say, of the various ways it works. I'm reminded of a picture from another meeting, of a hillside, in California I think it was, on which light was working in a variety of different ways. Direct, diffused, shadows of both those, light that was being refracted, by the air, by little particles of dust in the air.

Of course it's not just seeing light but seeing it how the camera sees it. Knowing how the camera is going to see something is evident in all your work, but here, it's how it sees light.

Light is invisible until it's refracted into it's different bands. Most of us can't see light, only it's affects. Here we see what someone who can actually see light sees.

Look around the edges, where the light being reflected by the big stone begins to mix with other kinds of light. Pretty.