Friday, November 11, 2011


The Obama administration produced another cowardly and basely political move when they 'postponed' a decision on approval of the horrendous tar sand oil pipeline from Canada to Houston.  They say they are worried about its effect on Nebraska and will need to study it more until after the next election.  So, they are worried about Nebraska but not global warming and fossil fuel consumption.  Much less Canada who is willing to destroy its own beauty to mine tar sands.

I for one will not be a chump here.  No money for Obama's campaign as I told their fundraiser on the phone the other night.  His reaction was that he had heard this before. (Obama will have all the money he needs anyway.)  These guys are really playing with fire for a huge and mostly ignored group of voters.  The conservationists and environmentalists who supplied much of the shoe leather for his last campaign.  They know there is no other choice for this group in the upcoming vote next year and they are playing us for suckers.  It is a dangerous game.

I will say that I have never been so disappointed in a President I supported than Obama.  Ever.


Abq Dude said...

I, too, have chatised Obama for his lack of spine and catering to big money by having several Wall Street types serving in his administration. Still, I will not vote for any one of the Republicans running now, and when it comes down to it, I'll vote for Obama again just to try to keep them out. I won't, however, give another dime to his campaign.

Vicki said...

President Obama did not approve the pipeline. You can attribute this to politics or you can live to fight another day. You know what Mitt will do or one of the other Republicans. So go ahead, and elect them so you can be really outraged.

Bubba Muntzer said...

It's nice to hear someone of your stature say that. Obama is so in your face about these crass maneuvers that he seems to take as his role model George W Bush. He goes Bush one better lots of times.

I'm hoping the tar sands pipeline struggle isn't over. Tuesday's election results are a hint of what can happen if people get fed up with the power elite, and think they can do something about it.

Keep an eye on Occupy Wall Street. They are raising lots of peoples' political consciousness. Support them.

New Mexican said...

Obama cannot lead the country from the far left anymore than a Republican lead from the far right.

And right now the Republicans running in the front of the pac are mostly from the far right. Maybe Romney is an acceptable choise for anti Obama Democrats.

Ok, then said...

I figured he'd sell us out on something or another. I had no idea how many things, though. My choice of bumpersticker for the runup to election read "Obama -- someone new to disappoint us".

Anonymous said...

what is the difference if he does what republicans do. Don't tell me you are not disappointed deep down.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The logic behind New Mexican's comment is the reason we got here, with no Left in the US and the Democratic Party to the Right of Center. The Republicans keep moving right and the Democrats follow them because they are utterly inept at fighting the war of ideas in the media, and one of the reasons is that they are afraid to speak up for the working class. They are afraid of offending their donors from Wall Street and corporate boardrooms which is where they get most of their money.

Obama's fabled 2008 campaign of millions of small donors was a farce. The big bulk of his funding came from big donors, whom he has spent the interim kissing up to.

What do you do? Try to get people like Nancy Pelosi and Martin Heinrich and the DNC to suddenly give control of the party to the working class, which is desperate to have a voice? That won't happen. They're living the good life. They won't act against their own self interest.

You have to make structural changes, in politics and government, therefore the answer is not in the two party system but in the streets. Support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Help keep the police off their backs. The power elite is now sending their storm troopers after them. Oakland has seen terrible police violence against peaceful Occupy protesters. Likewise Knoxville, Berkeley, New York, etc.

Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Democrat, has so far prevented them from setting up a camp in Chicago. Andrew Cuomo, like Emanuel mentioned as a potential president, has been after them in New York from the beginning. Why are these Democrats against the Occupy people being heard? Because Occupy Wall street is providing an opening for the working class, the last thing the Democratic Party wants.

By the way, if you work for wages you are working class. Middle Class is just a term they came up with to divide us up.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it you all have three choices.

1) Vote for Obama
2) Vote for the Republican
3) Don't vote

Good Luck,

El Comidador said...

Jim Kudos to you - I too have told Obama to put up or shut up and will not give him a dime till he does the right and simple thing.