Monday, November 07, 2011

Follow the Money

Once again the Albuquerque Journal has written a story about the 'Domenici Institute' which is located at New Mexico State University.  It is named after long serving Senator Pete Domenici, a long term supporter of the oil, coal and uranium industries.  The Institute is meant to advocate free market approaches indoctrination to fellows and researchers who participate. It will 'advise' governments on its policy findings.  This is all suspect to me.  Some of the things it will advise on are,  the impact of new uranium mining in New Mexico, the effects of recent health care reform, and deficit reduction and economic recovery. Oh, and energy issues.

This all sounds okay except for one thing.  Who is funding the Institute?  As I read through the article I kept thinking I would be offered that information by the reporter.  Maybe the uranium industry?  Maybe Yates Petroleum?  Maybe the Koch brothers?  Anti government regulation groups like the US Chamber of Commerce or the Wall Street Investment Banks?  Who knows?

Since this facility is soaking up tax dollars by being quartered at NMSU we should know if there is any outside funding for this Institute and who is providing it.  The Institute says it is non partisan but the lack of the Journal's inquisitiveness is telling.


Anonymous said...

not really a comment. Your enthusiasm for the kids may have you overlooking the magazine section of the NYT for Nov6. A story on a hand pulled ferry near a place called Los Ebanos.You can include it in your 'bridges of the rio' series for which I eait.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you read my mind. Another thanks for the note on the NMSU St Pete donny-brook. That thing smells.

Abq Dude said...

Former Sen. Domenici doesn't deserve the recognition given his role and lack of leadership as Senate Budge Committee Chairman during the national economic crisis.

BTW, I thought you were going to give up the Journal.