Monday, November 14, 2011


You can all sleep worse tonight as convicted felons are being allowed to carry guns again, courtesy of NRA and other  lobbying groups.  One can only wonder if the NRA and its legion of cowardly congressmen supporters have truly lost their minds.  Will they also be allowed to carry concealed weapons?  Probably.  No, for you gun radicals, I am not against having guns.  I have a collection.  I don't see any need for concealed weapons or ownership of assault rifles.  So that makes me a bleeding heart liberal in some peoples minds.

There are a lot of good reasons for changing the New Mexico constitution to allow the Governor to keep authority when traveling out of state instead of handing it over the the Lieutenant Governor.  Things have changed since 1912 when that was adopted at statehood.  While they are at it they need to change language that insists that statewide elected officials reside in Santa Fe.  Most of them make around 90K a year and that is not enough to buy a home in the City Different.

We had our regular group over for dinner last night and we all decided that everyone of those worthless bastards that covered up the Penn State child rapist foot ball coach should serve prison time.  Including Paterno.

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