Thursday, February 16, 2012


The rest stops are open again in Arizona.  Last year at this time they were shuttered.  Maybe that is progress.  Also, although I came for warm weather and golf, it is very cool,  like last year.

Last night I watched local news on the CBS station.  It was the best local news show I have seen in years.  All good and factual items with no sex stories leading the way and no sick dog or cat stories getting the longest segments.  Albuquerque news stations could learn a lot from these guys, but we know they are not allowed to be journalists any more.  They just pump out what puff stuff the marketers say will help ratings.

And, due to an unbiased and veteran journalist, John Robertson, the Abq Journal had really good legislative coverage this year.  Unbiased and clear.  Wish he were the editor.

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