Thursday, February 23, 2012


Now American soldiers are dying because someone accidentally burned a Quran in Afghanistan.  What lessons can be missed in why one shouldn't venture into the middle east's quagmire of tribalism and religious fanaticism?  Will anyone in this modern age ever try it again?

Downtown Albuquerque continues to be the focus of news stories on crime and misbehaving party goers.  Doesn't this happen all over the city?  Yes, but currently Downtown is the target.  It is too bad.  This is the result of former Mayor Marty Chavez abandoning all effort of continuing the revitalization of the heart of our city because it wasn't his idea.  He would rather sprawl.

The Governor needs a new hair dresser since her current one says don't bother coming by anymore until you support gay marriage.  She has not gone out of her way to disparage gays, but she is sticking to the right wing mantra that adults can not choose their own partners.  Support for gay marriage has been increasing across all demographics except for the wacko religious fundamentalists.  See paragraph one of this blog.

Bobbi and I are struggling on a decision to get another dog.  We have our eye on a border collie puppy.  We thought we would never get another dog when our last Beagle died, but I have been really missing a companion on my long walks.  Border Collies are really smart and hyper which is good for exercising us.  Training will be a full time thing for a year or so.  I have some friends who got a puppy over a year ago and they look tired.  What to do?


New Mexican said...

Struggling, yea right. A dollar to a doughnut hole you have that Border Collie puppy at home by Monday.

Ok, then said...

High energy dogs require owners with high levels of energy, too. I speak from experience. Please consider adopting an older dog, one that will be a good walking companion for you, and oh so grateful to have a loving family.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Unfortunately I think we can expect more military intervention. There's a line of thinking that says that as the US continues to lose its financial dominance it will rely more and more on its military, which already spans the globe and which President Obama has been steadily expanding.

Secretary of State Clinton is meeting this weekend with representatives of the Syrian opposition, which has not gotten much aid yet because it is fractured and disorganized. She will no doubt be trying to organize them so we have someone to give weapons to. The administration is always careful to leave "all options on the table" when it talks about Syria.

Then there's Iran. Same thing, and Obama half the Navy sitting offshore there waiting for the president's poll numbers to take a dive when gas get close to $5.00 per gallon.

Rodney said...

Or, you could rescue an slightly older dog from imminent demise from one of our city shelters.

I do believe it was a whole shipping pallet of Qurans (Korans?) that was burned by mistake, but yeah, religious fanatics are pretty similar anywhere they are allowed to multiply. Talibangelist are little different from their cental Asian cousins.

Donald F. Schiff said...

You could always just nap with the cats...