Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Dance

Last night I got a phone call survey asking if I thought 'illegal immigrants' should have driver's licenses in New Mexico.  When I said I thought it was okay the call was terminated.  Obviously the poll was being done for our xenophobe Governor Susanna Martinez. I just happen to think that immigrants should be allowed to give their legal U.S. born children a ride to school.

Meanwhile the dance was going on in the New Mexico House of Representatives where a ban on such driver's licenses was voted out of the chamber, with the help of Navajo Democratic members, McKinley county members, southern democrats and Al Park of Albuquerque.  He is doing the dance because he wants to run for higher office and being a xenophobe is the way to do it.  He argues that his vote just gets it over to the Senate where the bill will supposedly die.  Either way, Park left his credentials as a pretty nice guy in the waste can.

And then, hilariously, there is a story in the Albuquerque Journal about the rebound of the Chile crop in New Mexico after suffering a 10 year low last year.  The problem cited for the future was a dwindling labor force to nurture and harvest the crops.  Getting rid of the ability of immigrant pickers to drive to their assigned fields will just do wonders for that valuable cash commodity.

There was a stunning documentary this week on PBS about the travails of the Freedom Riders in the early 1960's and the violence, imprisonment and beatings they endured.  Their whole ordeal involved getting into multi passenger vehicles with white people.  They endured the xenophobia of Alabama and Mississippi.  Put yourselves into the shoes of immigrant families in this state and wonder if they are feeling like those freedom riders.

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Michelle Meaders said...

Here’s an event for another candidate for Jason’s seat. I’ve met her and she seems dedicated and competent.

The Blue Review
Issue #833 2/7/2012

"Campaign Kickoff Brunch with Cynthia Hall
Sunday, February 12th - 11:30 AM to 2 PM

Home of Cynthia Hall, 511 Solar Rd. NW

Join Cynthia Hall for brunch at her home as she kicks off her campaign for Commissioner from PRC District 1. Cynthia has spent the past three years working at the Commission as an Associate General Counsel, preparing the Commissioners for deciding cases ranging across their jurisdictional spectrum - utility, transportation and telecommunications industries. This preparation involved researching and writing the Orders issued by the Commission on cases, and explaining each case privately and in regular public meetings to them, as well. This experience has her well-prepared to represent District 1 on the Commission."

Also nice website, by Evan Moulson, Peter’s son