Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The announced reduction of jobs this afternoon at Los Alamos National Labs drew an incredibly lame response from Governor Martinez who blames Washington for not prioritizing defense spending and keeping folks on board.  This is so stupid on so many levels.  Governor Martinez, I know  your right wing handlers insisted you say this but deep down  you know it is your party who has been screaming for cuts in the budget.  The problem is that we have spent so much money on republican bush/cheney initiated wars that there is no money left, especially since bush cut taxes on the rich.

Instead of stamping your feet you need to get busy to find ways of putting these talented people back to work.  I am sure you have made no effort yet, as I suggested weeks ago, to set  up an organization to inventory the skills of these folks leaving LANL and Sandia Labs.  Those skills would be much needed in the private sector and  you might be able to attract some employers here if  you got out of your chair and started on a program and policy.  But, what is wrong with me, these are government employees and you and your party think they are all leeches and lazy.  So why help them?

You will be hearing from some of these folks in your next election effort.  I hope someone can lead an effort to show how scapegoating public employees can defeat a governor like you who can't listen to anyone but right wing nut cases.

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Rodney said...

Ending welfare for PhDs is long overdue. Spending $Billions on developing, building and maintaining weapons that cannot be used without changing the very nature of life on this planet is the epitome of foolishness.

The Department of Energy should become exactly that, the arm of our government that actually addresses issues of providing a safe, clean and sustainable source of the energy needed to power our country and economy.

These cuts are long overdue.