Friday, February 03, 2012


Some things mystify me.  Here they a few.

  • The Governor and Legislature spend more time on immigrant drivers licenses than on working together to improve our state's economy.  This is the Governor's fault for taking advice from xenophobes.
  • How can Newt Gingrich sit and say with a straight face that he is the one to bring Americans together when he was the one who is most responsible for our disunity?  Trace his history in the 90's.
  • How can a guy like Romney be so dumb in his statements about the poor?  Even if he is insulated from them and lives in a different world, he should have the common sense to put himself in their shoes.
  • How can the Susan Komen foundation be so insulated from the reality of their constituency in their pulling of funds from Planned Parenthood.  This move to the religious right guarantees I can't walk for them ever again...or send them money.
  • How could the Journal put President Obama in a front page headline that is favorable today on his plan for higher education and student tuition's and loans?  When I read that I figured the Editor must have been on vacation.  When I read it everything grew quiet in our house and somewhere in the distance a dog barked.
  • Why hasn't Hector Balderas just decide to step back from his U.S. Senate race, take the money he has raised, and use it to run for Attorney General?


New Mexican said...

Jim, Wishfull thinking on your part. I will answer the last one about Hector Balderas. He will and should not step back and save the money to run foa AG. He has a chance at the nomination, money is not everything at this stage.

He has an opportunity, and I for one aplaud him for stepping up. Hector is in it till the votors speak.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Hector Balderas can use money raised in a federal race to run in a state race. Money raised for a state race can be used for another state race, like AL Park is using $260,000 raised as state representative for his PRC race. Watch Hector Balderas and Al Park go head to head in two years for AG, asuming Hector looses his Senate bid.

Donald F. Schiff said...

I think Hector will not step back until the Pre-primary convention at the earliest. I'm not worried about him keeping going all through the election, though. It's excellent exposure for him, and a polite primary does no harm. However, if he keeps getting hammered in fundraising, it's hard to see how he can compete.

I'm also not certain the Hector's move in 2014 (assuming he's not a US Senator) would be to run for Attorney General. He could well decide that the Governor's mansion has greater appeal. In any case, running for US Senate now has no downside for Hector. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain, including name recognition with the voters.

Donald F. Schiff said...

I believe anonymous is incorrect. State money cannot be transferred to a federal campaign account, but federal money can be transferred to a state campaign.

Rodney said...

He could be governor in 2 years, but I'm not sure he can beat Heinrich in this primary. Then again, I never thought Martinez had the qualifications to be governor, yet here we are. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Hector is just a greedy fellow that should feel lucky to be in the position he is in. He is not even qualified to be Auditor, much less Senator. I am sure people will soon see how incompetent this guy is.

What has he accomplished? Not much. He is a fraud and people will soon see this!

New Mexican said...

@ Anon above. You are wrong. Hector is a capable young man. Very capable. And he will surprise many. We New Mexicans need to step up and support him.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be very interesting over the next two years to watch the loyalty clique of young lawyers start to compete against each other for the same elective offices: Brian Colon, Hector Balderas, Al Park, Gino Zamora, Moe Chavez, Moe Maestas and their non attorey friend Michael Padilla (now running for State Senate). Each is consumed with promoting each other and themselves but who will emerge as the top dog?