Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Afraid

I thought it would be nice if all of those smart people being cut loose from Los Alamos Labs employment could be turned into a scientific fossil fuel killing cadre.  Make the oil and coal boys really scared as these bomb making scientists are redirected into energy solutions for our dying planet.  The commenter on my blog yesterday said this, and I have to agree with most of it.

Rodney said, "Spending $Billions on developing, building and maintaining weapons that cannot be used without changing the very nature of life on this planet is the epitome of foolishness. The Department of Energy should become exactly that, the arm of our government that actually addresses issues of providing a safe, clean and sustainable source of the energy needed to power our country and economy. These cuts are long overdue."

But, once again, who will take charge of organizing an effort to use this brain power?  How hard can it be?  Where is the political leadership on this low hanging fruit?

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Anonymous said...

As one person noted in another blog, many "labbies" are double dippers raking well over 6 figure incomes. When I was in Los Alamos, they hired retired military officers and, yes, rehired retirees as contract employees. That's where they should begin the cuts and give other, aspiring young scientists and engineers a chance.