Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Run Away

I will be running away from the invading feral swine and the Albuquerque Journal for a few days to play golf in Amado, Arizona and Tucson.  Ironically, I will be playing golf with my lifelong friend Lee Otteni with whom I once hunted feral pigs in Texas.  They were tearing up the wildlife refuge where he was doing his masters thesis on the life of Barn Owls.  We didn't kill any pigs, but I almost got eaten by a giant crocodile in a stock tank.  That is another story.

Lee doesn't live in Arizona, he just pulls his fifth wheel down there so he and his wife can escape cold weather.  I enjoy the drive down there.  I always fill up my Highlander before I get to the Arizona border so their crazy right wing governor gets as little of my tax as possible.

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