Saturday, February 18, 2012

Open Season

Dear Game and Fish Commissioners,

I am very worried about the invasion of unwanted and dangerous species.  One of course is the wild pig.  They will  harm other wildlife and cause great damage to ecosystems.  It might even be necessary for livestock operators to start supporting more wolves in the wild so they can eat the pigs instead of the pigs eating their calves.  Ha Ha.

Anyway, I think there should be an open season year round on these porkers.  So, please allow our gun carrying public to blaze away at these walking pre spiral cut hams.  Go for it!

Secondly, soon to be coming, is an invasion of Locusts.  Oh, they are not really locusts.  They are private and corporate owned drones that will soon be cluttering the airspace over our homes.  I think they should also be declared fair game for open season.  If I see one over my house during my ritual pre shower hot tub soak I will gladly blow the little copter with camera right out of the air.  They certainly don't have my permission to be there taking pictures of me.  Of course, many of them will be  used by police and in order to protect those invasion of privacy cops...their drones should be made to carry large badges with readable numbers on them from 500 feet.  That way we can legally request that we see all pictures and video taken of us with out our permission.

I would suggest, for safety sake, that only certain types of ammunition can be used on these drones.  Something like bird shot.   Or maybe short range laser guided self destructive bullets like our sharp civilization loving  scientists at Sandia Labs have invented.  Also, these licenses should only cost $5.00 since the end game is to protect American privacy.

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