Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Finally someone got around to saying what my wife Bobbi has been saying for the last two weeks.  Insurance companies must not be allowed to pay for Viagra type drugs if they don't pay for contraceptives.  John Stewart did a great job on this issue last night.

It is hard to take in the fact that thousands of dollars of court time and sheriff and prosecutorial efforts will be made on trying a hapless teenager who allegedly pilfered a two dollar pumpkin.  This is government run amok and I  have a feeling the hassles the young lady has brought on herself might be enough punishment.  It reminds me of Les Miserable.

I have been quietly trying to lose weight on the Men's online weight watcher program.  I started it on Christmas day and have lost 12 pounds.  It is not really noticeable yet cause I was so far gone.  My goal is to have 40 pounds off by next Christmas.  So far, it has been surprisingly easy.  Bobbi is on the program too and doing great.  She has already gone down a size.  I  have lost two inches all the way around but I am still hanging out all over the place.  I will update my progress in about six weeks.  I have to say I am feeling much better than I was 10 weeks ago.  I am eating healthy.  The only hard part is cutting my wine consumption down to 10 ounces a week.


Rodney said...

I am using hypnotherapy and it's been remarkably easy to lose the first 20 lbs. I may try the online ww for men to expedite the process.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you do Weight Watchers. I've been doing it for over a year ... Lost 55 pounds ... Take care .... Verne