Monday, February 06, 2012

Escaping Assets

I keep lamenting the Governor's xenophobia on undocumented worker's drivers licenses as a great waste of time and effort.  The legislature is wasting hour upon hour playing around with this issue instead of just burying it.  I don't care how many people want to see us mistreat people who need to drive cars in order to feed their families.

My friend Eric Pfeiffer, retired Economic Development Director for Albuquerque called from Hawaii this weekend where he and his wife, Canoe, now reside.  He is always interested in political gossip and the economic situation in New Mexico.  He is concerned that one of the greatest brain drains in the history of this state is occurring.  My concern is that the Governor's office, Mayor's office and legislature sits on their thumbs and does nothing about it.  I am talking about the hundreds of retirements that are taking place at Sandia and Los Alamos National Research Labs.  Many of these retirees are the smartest and most experienced scientists in the world who have basically opened up new frontiers in technology and health.  And as they end one career in working for Federal Government sponsored labs they are headed out into an environment that is unorganized and unready to take advantage of their still fertile minds.

Shouldn't someone be putting together an institution on the state and local level to take advantage of using this brain power to improve New Mexico's economy and job situation?  Shouldn't the Governor, Mayor and Legislature spend a lot of time on this issue?  Or has it even crossed their mind that this low hanging fruit of talent could still be a wonderful asset for New Mexico?  If our political leadership had any vision this kind of opportunity would not escape them.  Both the City and State have economic development departments.  They should make this a priority.  Leave the xenophobic issues behind and spend time on things that matter to all New Mexicans.

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Vicki said...

You've hit on a really good idea that will not, unfortuantely, be considered by the short-sighted Governor and the part-time state legislature.