Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We are leaving for a few days in the east so I can attend a meeting of the Wilderness Society Council and then we will drive up to Camillus, New York to see our son Justin, his wife Karly, and our cute grandson Simon.  When traveling this time of year I always worry about weather, but I looked at it this morning and DC will be in the low 60's.  In February!  No winter coats needed.  Just some layering.

I am trying to figure out this Rick Santorum phenomenon.  Is he really the face of an attempted christian fundamentalist or catholic takeover of the American democracy?  Does his support stop with the wacko Jesus freaks?  Is Romney any better?  I thought he might be but I am now convinced they are both cut of the same cloth.  It is almost so bizarre that I feel like I am in an Escher painting.  It can't be real.

So, the Journal did an interesting story on Chile production today.  It has fallen dramatically since we have chased off all the immigrant labor.  I wonder if the Governor notices this kind of thing.  Anyway, there is a lot of chile coming in from Mexico.  Can one really tell the difference?  Probably only if they know where it is coming from.  A blind test on this would be interesting.  Maybe one of our mindless TV News Stations could set up one.  They could replace the sex story or abused pet story of the day.  It would be interesting.  This is a picture I took of chile in a market in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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Jim -- this is a long read, but a great one. And sad. Take the time: