Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Schizo Elephants

I keep trying to figure out what the GOP is doing with their presidential candidates.  It seems to me to be like a wine tasting party where every selection is tasted and then tasted again and then ranked poorly and then reconsidered and then kept on the table with four or five other vintages.  Will it ever end?

The turnouts were pretty low in these latest popularity contests so once again the extreme fringe fundamentalist right wing shows their strength by just showing up.  It is not that they are great in numbers.  They just show up.  Like Woody Allen's great quote,  "80% of life is just showing up."   And that is scary.

I had coffee with fellow blogger Joe Monahan yesterday.  We were lamenting the fact that so few people show up to run for office any more.  Good solid qualified folks that is.  We were concerned that their is so little respect or honor shown to mere congressmen any more.  I can remember when they were highly sought after speakers and guests and that people normally were pretty excited to shake their hand.  That has all fallen by the wayside as the Newt Gingrich inspired Congressional antics have been in place since the mid 90's.  Now many congress members are just viewed as 'one of them.'

This situation will remain in place as long as corporate America controls the election process through huge and anonymous donations of cash to candidates who will do what every they are asked in order to hang on to an elective office.  That cash is driving everything.

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