Sunday, May 13, 2012


State Land Commissioner Ray Powell is absolutely correct in his assertions that the lessees of the Dixon Apple Orchard do not  have a right to profit from the sale of the lease to another party.  This would amount to a rip off state educational funds.  My heart goes out to the operators of the orchard which has been devastated by fire and flood. It is a place I have visited since childhood, but the fact of the matter is that they do not have any right to sell a property interest that is not theirs.  Their predicament is mainly a cause of their own foolish decision to not buy insurance on their operation.  Now they want the state to bail them out of an already sweetheart deal given them by a corrupt former land commissioner.  I hope Ray Powell sticks to his guns.

No apples today for congressional candidates Eric Griego or Marty Chavez.  As I predicted the Albuquerque Journal gave their endorsement to Michelle Grisham Lujan.  The editors don't like Griego's progressive agenda and they don't like their once favorite pol Marty Chavez because he misled them on facts surrounding his live in girl friend who allegedly embezzled millions of dollars from a Santa Fe Hospital.

The Journal did give apples to Senate candidate Martin Heinrich. It was a strong endorsement for a primary.  Another endorsement for Martin came from the Las Cruces Sun News.  A good one for sure.


Vicki said...

It is tragic for anyone who has lost property and their home in a natural disaster, but I am with you. Appeals to emotions of the public do not good policy make. I stand with the Land Comissioner on this one.

Happy Mother's Day to your family, too!

Rodney said...

Do endorsements by the ABQUrinal actually carry and weight? I let my subscription expire a couple weeks ago and between GoComics and actual legitimate news sources (and bloggers such as yourself), I haven't missed it a bit.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. The Mullanes want to sell their signatures on a lease transfer for $2.8m so that they can leave the state and start over elsewhere. Good work if you can get it. They could've spent the last 6 months instead trying to find someone to take over the lease and run the orchard -- the best people for that job probably don't have a few million dollars to pay them, though. The fact that their proposed transfer violates the lease agreement didn't seem to distract them from the possible payoff either. I hope Raw Powell sticks to his guns too -- AND then finds a good new steward for the orchard.