Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheated Death Again

Thankfully, death was cheated last night when the plane carrying Governor Martinez and her husband landed 'gear up' at the Santa Fe Airport.  It could have been disastrous.  The Piper Malibu single engine plane (shown above) was being piloted by a non professional pilot.  He forgot to lower his landing gear again after one aborted landing due to high winds. This is why it is good for the state to own safely maintained and professionally piloted aircraft for the Governor and other employees.  Even if she has a political event to go to the state can be reimbursed for the costs from a campaign.  Flying around with weekend pilots is irresponsible for the Governor to be doing.  Of course her tirade against state executive aircraft got her into this position.  All because it was an easy issue to score points against Governor Richardson and Lt. Governor Denish.  All because of her right wing advisors.  They could have killed her with their little mud slinging culture war against state owned airplanes.  They are true idiots.

Speaking of cheating death, I received a safety report done by DOT on the cement truck that hit me a few weeks ago.  From what I can tell there was at least a dozen safety violations on the truck.  Some very serious.  I got lucky like the Governor.

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