Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crunch Time

The Albuquerque Congressional democratic primary is entering the end game of momentum.  Former Mayor Marty Chavez who started with a 90% name i.d. and no where to go but down has apparently done that.  Eric Griego's godawful TV commercials have put him into real jeopardy because of Michelle Grisham Lujan's superior  TV ads.  She has the momentum with the election just two weeks away.  Once again the ground game might well be the deciding factor in who wins the race.  This might favor Eric's organization since they supposedly are better prepared to get out the vote and have a good field operation.  So at this point it is still hard to call a winner in the race and it all comes down to get out the vote.  The bad news for everyone is that early voting turn out is very low compared to the watershed turn out over the last couple of elections.

The Albuquerque Journal is doing everything the can to keep Eric Griego in a negative light.  Today they ran a story on unpaid traffic tickets and resulting warrants from years ago.  If only they had done such stuff when bush/cheney started a war based on lies.

I saw a Heather Wilson ad last night and my first reaction was, "Oh, her again."  Then I got angry when she talked about needing a balanced budget.  She was in lockstep with bush/cheney on tax cuts while starting a war.  She is irresponsible in my book.

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Anonymous said...

I cringe at the some old politics and / or politicians: Ms. Wilson is an entrenched Washington player, Martin Chavez is a bit cocky in his ads, Griego (what can I say?), and Ms. Grisham has her own history of issues under Richardson. Are there none better?