Wednesday, May 02, 2012


The biggest misnomer in the Federal Government is the Agriculture department's Wild Life Services.  They are a tool of the ranching industry that seeks out and destroys wildlife on western public lands.  It is another shameful subsidy to an industry that doesn't deserve it.  Coyotes, bears, mountain lions are targets for eradication.  Many times eagles, family pets and innocent animal bystanders get offed too.  I fought with this group for many years as State Land Commissioner.  They were a rogue outfit answerable to no one.  They would invade state trust lands in their killing sprees with out even asking permission.  I put the lands off limits but they ignored the ban.  I really can't believe these guys are still in business in this day and age.

Wild Earth Guardians in Santa Fe has filed suit in federal court to stop the carnage and subsidies.  I fully support that move.  I fully understand that sometimes removal of problematic animals is necessary.  But their 'kill em all' attitude is just to much.   They are the carpet bombers of the west.

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